Nitrogen Generation

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Generating your own nitrogen can substantially reduce the cost of nitrogen consumption, and is the primary reason for the purchase of most GN2 systems. The price of purchasing nitrogen in a gaseous or liquid form can vary from $2.88 to $0.35 per 100 ft3. The price range can be a result of volume consumption, type of product, location, or vendor.This cost is strictly for the gas or liquid delivered and does not factor additional supply costs such as:
  • Delivery Costs
  • Monthly Cylinder / Tank Rental Fees
  • Bulk Evaporative Loss
  • Handling and Purchasing Labor Costs
  • Additional Site Liability Insurance

A GN2 system will produce gaseous nitrogen at costs that ranges from $0.061 to $0.217 per 100 ft3. The price range is a result of local power costs, compressor efficiencies, and required nitrogen purity.

An average GN2 system has an (ROI) return on investment of 6 to 18 months. This rapid return enhances the financially attractive position of a GN2 system above and beyond the 75% to 92% base reduction in nitrogen cost.

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